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Here you'll find a collective of Erotic Literature, Art, articles on the subject of sexual psychology and sociology, and other creative expression and works all authored and created by Libitina Lucus. All characters and settings, unless otherwise stated, are original works, characters and settings created by the author.


10/01/2022: 'An Unusual Date' added to Erotica.

09/22/2022: Added year-based archive collection pages to Art.

08/21/2022: 'Reconciliation' added to Erotica.

06/18/2022: Profile added for Tevejya. 'Hot Box' and 'Retrieval' added to Erotica.

12/09/2021: Small changes to stylesheet, new look for Lore page.

11/25/2021: Now a part of Adult Artist's Webring. Portraits added assorted characters and brief descriptions.

11/13/2021: Added 'Backfire' to Erotica.

10/05/2021: Big update to gallery, several images added and 2 new sections as well.

08/03/2021: Added Links page and changed Setting to Lore, added more character profiles.

06/13/2021: Added 'Negotiations' to Erotica

04/24/2021: Added 'After Party' to Erotica

04/20/2021: Added 'Straddled', 'Caught', 'Trust Exercises', 'Sharing', and 'Compromised' to Erotica.

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