Art & Erotica by Libitina Lucus


Here you'll find a collective of Erotic Literature, Art, articles on the subject of sexual psychology and sociology, and other creative expression and works all authored and created by Libitina Lucus. All characters and settings, unless otherwise stated, are original works, characters and settings created by the author.

Much of the content on this site is sexually explicit in nature for the sake of entertainment purposes and is strictly for those of 18 years of age and older. If you are searching in the interest of sexual education, I highly suggested seeking out the resources available at Scarleteen.


07/27/2020: Added 'New In Town' oneshot to Erotica.

06/24/2020: Added 'A Business Transaction' oneshot to Erotica.

05/16/2020: much more art added.

12/21/2019: 3 art pieces added.

8/8/2019: Chapter 3 of 'More Than a Hookup' added.

7/22/2019: Profile for Zorn added to Setting.

7/16/2019: New art added

6/26/2019: New art added

4/12/2019: Profile images added for Ketna, Munin and Vazaroust

4/9/2019: Profile for Munin added to Setting.

4/8/2019: All pages available at this time. Brief information added to Settings such as character profiles.

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